Name: Kostas Tasakos

Nickname: Bassakos


  • Steve Harris
  • Wally Voss
  • Billy Sheehan
  • Victor Wooten
  • Juan Alderete     ****(webmaster note: Who?????)****







  • MusicMan Sterling 4HH
  • Warwick Corvette FNA Jazz Man 5-string
  • Swing Smash 4-string Jazz Bass 
  • MXR M80 DI Bass pre amp + dist
  • EBS Gorm 350 Amp
  • EBS Proline 4x10 cabinet
  • EBS Proline 1x15 cabinet

Other interests

  • In his own words: "I am a car mechanic -  so I fix my cars and my friend's cars and my friend's friend's cars, and my friend's..."      
    ****(webmaster note: ...yes Kostas, we get it, thanks!!)****

  • Watching and attending car racing and general car events

  • Bass gear freak!  Searches the Internet every day for bass guitars, amps, pedals etc.

  • reading reviews of gear

  • Driving alongside country roads and mountains, early on Sunday mornings with no traffic while listening to music

  • Chilling out at his village with family and friends